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Integration methods explained

We offer our you 3 methods of integration to process your transactions through our system.  Each method of integration available to you allows for different levels of control, and communication between your website and our own platform.  

The 3 methods of integration are;

  • Opayo Form : A simple encrypted form submission post from your website to the Opayo systems, the shopper is then transferred to our hosted payment pages  for the card details to be securely captured.  This is the most basic method of integration available on our platform with your site only requiring a single post for the transaction to be processed. 
  • Opayo Server : The Opayo Server method of integration allows you more control over the transactional process than the Form solution.  The Server integration still enables you to have the transactional process hosted on our platform. There is continuous channel of communication open between your site and our platform.  The Server method also enables our vendors the option to implement an “InFrame” into their site which embeds the Opayo payment pages on the vendors website.
  • Opayo Direct : This solution gives you complete control over the transactional process including the hosting of the card details capture pages.  You are required to undertake complete developmental work of the entire payment process including the security and safety of the details that are captured.

Each method of integration will allow you to link your website to our systems to process payments.

If you have a web developer, or your website is using a shopping cart we would advise speaking directly with each in order to find which integration will work best with your site.

You will then be able to choose the method that works with your site and begin processing transactions.